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Learn more about exploitation here

Remember – you can view and download all our BAVEX campaign materials from our Google Drive.

This includes posters, videos and other graphics for different social media platforms. Please do share them far and wide!

Our latest campaign

The #EndChildExploitation campaign banner

We are raising awareness of the exploitation of children. 

This includes raising awareness around the dangers of cannabis edibles, two new apps to help keep young people in Bedfordshire safe, as well as general awareness raising including a Facebook Live webinar for parents and carers.

Catch up with the webinar on Facebook.

Our previous campaigns

A graphic from our parents campaign, raising awareness that young people can be exploited
Do you now you are talking to online? This image reminds you that not everyone is who they say they are.

The campaign materials for our Parents campaign are split into assets for Facebook and Instagram – click on the links to see more.

For more information, visit the campaign homepage on the Bedfordshire Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit website.

The campaign materials for our children and young people campaign are split into those for Snapchat and YouTube – click on the links to see more.

For more information about the signs to spot and where to get help, visit our child sexual exploitation page.

Download the spot the signs posters
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